British Bangers & Bacon

Brendan Barr is a cheerful man who moved from England to Goa almost three decades ago. At the time, Brendan asked a friend to bring him some skins and a hobby led to his primary business now—making sausages for Goans!

They run their own home run butcher shop in a quaint part of north Goa—a village called Parra, famous for its old houses and excellent bakeries.

We, at Coco Shambhala, first heard of their venture “British Bangers and Bacon” in 2013. Our director, Giles Knapton, an Englishman himself, craved the famous English black pudding and in the quest for its savory goodness, found the Barr family!

All our in-house meats come from British Bangers and Bacon—bacon, sausages and black pudding. What we particularly enjoy about their products is the conscious and meticulous care taken to source organic meats from conscientious farms where people understand the difference between “stressed” and “happy” meat.

The taste in the juicy sausages and the heavenly black pudding is courtesy of the age-old traditional methods employed by the Barrs; some of these methods date back to the 1920s and British Bangers and Bacon may actually be the only place in the world using them! Brendan has now been joined by his two sons—Chris and Steve, who run the business with as much gusto and passion, as their father. With supplies going to over 50 fine restaurants in Goa and direct retail, things are always busy at this establishment.

Our chefs highly recommend trying some of their meats at Coco Shambhala, as part our English breakfast spread. After all, in Brendan’s words, “the English breakfast is sacrosanct”, thanks to its meats!