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Welcome to Paradise

Sindhudurg, in south Maharashtra, is one of those rare places in India which is quiet, serene and less populated. Very often, due to urban immigration, the most beautiful spots become remote and seemingly abandoned. Bhogwe beach, home to Coco Shambhala, is one such part of the Sindhudurg district. Just a 30 minute drive away from the industrial town of Kudal, it is hard to believe or fathom that spots of such beauty can exist in the chaos of a developing India! And we were lucky to have found not just one, but many such spots all over Sindhudurg. A tropical land of forts, unexploredbeaches and watching the sea come alive with dolphins and whales—this is what Sindhudurg embodies. The people here are friendly yet shy, and seem to carry the same “susegado” spirits of

the Goans; a desire to take it easy and experience every day through the senses. The whole area, dotted with mango groves, coconut palms, chikoo and breadfruit orchards is set in an India of the past—sure, there are buses and electricity and the odd tourists’, but there is also a magic of a life well-lived, of time lived and not rushed. We, at Coco Shambhala Sindhudurg, have created a luxury holiday experience that promises to be extraordinary, in this truly magical place. And we are glad to have been chosen by you to make your holiday here, equally magical. A remote holiday destination is not for everyone. Only the discerning traveler, such as yourself, will choose a place for “slow travel”—a place that allows you to immerse yourself in it, with your thoughts for company, away from the maddening crowds. Sindhudurg is full of surprises and gasp worthy places.

From the remote alcoves to the pristine beaches to the colorful rural markets and the awe-inspiring forts—each place here is resonant of its culture and its people. The Arabian sea and its myriad secrets are best explored through boat rides, fishing trips and water sports from Tsunami island—a mecca for fans of scuba diving, jet skiing, harpooning and parachutes. There are numerous walks in the area, through the local forests, that offer stunning vistas of the local landscape— complete with sweeping hills, hamlets and glimmers of sea waters. For the wildlife enthusiast, there is plenty to do. The bird life in Sindhudurg is full of the calls of migratory and resident birds alike, with new sightings dotting each part of any pathway you choose to walk along. And if one is lucky, you may hear or even see a leopard in the forests! Being a tropical land, Sindudhurg is also home to the less appealing sights of reptiles and a variety of bugs! We recommend that you stay on your guard; no animal causes harm unless threatened, so keep your distance and in Nature, thus, we can all live peacefully! If you fancy peeping into the history of the area, the forts and ruins dotting the Sindhudurg landscape will keep you busy for a long time. All along the coast, are strewn, ruins of palaces and forts left behind by mighty rulers. The most famous amongst them being Shivaji— the Maratha ruler who defied British rule and held several strongholds steadily defiant to colonial powers; no wonder then, that he is the most revered leader and idol in the area.

Close to Coco Shambhala Sindhudurg, is also the only other sun temple in India, besides the Konark temple (on the eastern coast of India). Temples are a big part of the community here and one can always be sure to be welcomed into celebrations, with a big smile and a generous heart!