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Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg  fort—a bastion of Shivaji’s rule, built in the late 16th century. This fort is a must-visit for all lovers of history and offers a breath-taking view of the Arabian sea.

The fort is touted to be the world’s largest man-made sea fort and we won’t deny the fact, considering how it takes nearly two hours to explore its ramparts.

The fort is home to a temple, multiple stone stairways leading to places unknown and mysterious within the premises and a hand imprint of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

The fort is accessible by boat from the town of Malvan. The drive to Malvan from Coco Shambhala Sindhudurg takes about 45 minutes and the boat ride is a lovely 15 minute journey.

Once at the fort, one is free to explore its vistas in solitude or take the assistance of a guide. Guides charge a nominal Rs 200/- for a tour of the fort.

We mostly walked along the walls of the fort, looking out to the sea, in every direction. Not to be missed is the huge gap left in the fort walls from the impact of an attacking cannon! One can almost imagine, the days of yore, when this stronghold of Shivaji’s supremacy, held its own against attacks; and boomed with the sounds of gunfire.

Ideally, the best time to visit is after lunch, when the crowds diminish and you can almost hear the whispers of history enveloping the stone walls of Sindhudurg fort.

If you’d like to visit, please let the Coco Shambhala staff know, and we’ll be happy to arrange a trip for you. Boat rides from Malvan, including visitation fee and guide charges, start at Rs 500/- per person.