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Discover a new underwater playground

From October Scuba is back! Discover some of the best coastal diving in India. You will set off from our beach and explore the islands dotted at sea which you’ve been viewing from your villa; the Burnt Islands are a string of islands connected by a coral reef which protect our bay. As a virgin dive site, it will just be you, coral reef and an abundance of fish. For the beginner we offer Discover Scuba, where you will have a tutorial followed by a guided dive. We also offer Padi courses for anyone who wishes to become certified.

Out of 200 water sport days, we are lucky to get 120 clear days for diving! This is also the only place in India which offers coastal diving, besides the Andamans. Besides, of course, the beauty of the murmuring unexplored Arabian sea and the exhaustive variety of fish one encounters underwater.

While you relax in the indulgent comfort of our luxury villas, be sure to also get some exercise underwater and dive into the magic of this undiscovered Konkan coast in its sea and its surroundings! We promise, you will not be disappointed but will walk away with the most surreal experience.

To know more about coastal diving in the region or to book this activity, please get in touch with us.