Jungle and Waterfall Trekking

Sindhudurg is blessed with ample lush tropical forests, with the waterfalls bringing the jungle alive during the monsoon season. Discover a 16th century temple complex, pristine lakes, tiny villages and sacred groves. Our team of guides will take you through the magical natural bounties of the area, through a remote tribal village, where you can make a wish in the sacred groves, swim in a pristine lake or hike through the forest looking for birds and exotic animals.

Stream Trekking

For those seeking adventure, we offer the sport of stream trekking from June through to September. Trek up stream for 2 km as you navigate various waterfalls through a virgin tropical jungle ravine. An adrenaline fueled adventure. You will traverse granite boulders while facing the cool waters of a fresh jungle stream. The stream has various waterfalls of differing difficulty, culminating in a climb up a 7 meter waterfall with the help of climbing ropes. Test your endurance against the wild jungle of Sindhudurg and be rewarded with a cold beer at when you reach the top of the climb.

Niviti Fort and Beach Walk

The great warrior, Shivaji Maharaj, left Sindhudurg with a legacy of ancient Forts dotted along its Jurassic coastline. This coastal walk will take you along the hills and cliffs leading to a ruined fort overlooking the Arabian Sea, with spectacular coastal views. Enjoy drinks and snacks in the Fort before walking down through the village and along two coves linked by a shallow stream. These two coves are not accessible by road, and therefore you will actually walk through fisherman’s homes to access the beach providing a fascinating insight into a culture largely unchanged in centuries. This can be done as a 2 or 5 km walk.

Puppetry Shows

One of our finest finds in the region has been the Thakar Tribe. This is the last surviving tribe in Maharashtra for tribal puppetry. The tribe have been making puppets and performing shows for over ten generations. Thakar Adivasi Kala Aangan is established as a centre Museum & Art Gallery where they conduct academic activities such as workshops (for students of all ages), seminars, experimentation & programmes of Thakar Art to make art relevant to modern times. They are dedicated to undertake research & documentation for the study of Tribal Thakar of Sindhudurg district, culture, traditions, history, heritage & folk art. As well as to facilitate the training in the arts like Kalsutri bahulya, Chitrakathi show, Leather puppetry & other art forms.

Immersive Coastal Cuisine Experience

Gain knowledge of ingredients, authentic cooking techniques and recipes. You will learn how to re-create these dishes for friends & family when you return home from your holiday with us, and savour the flavours of this region all year round. First, join our chef at our bustling local market to learn their tips for getting the best, freshest produce – and discover which ingredients suit your palate. Then it’s back to the kitchen to try your hand at turning your fresh ingredients into a delicious meal that’s truly authentic and exclusive to the Konkan coast.

Couples Spa Day

For that added touch of indulgence during your stay, pamper yourselves with a couples spa day. While you are immersing yourself in the comfort of your luxury villa, be spoilt with a relaxation massage, use the steam room and indulge with a 3-course lunch.

Daily Yoga with Sanket

Relax, realign and rebalance your body with our in-house yoga instructor. Choose a morning or evening class in the privacy of your villa. While cleansing your body with fresh clean air, cleanse the mind and soul with nature and the asanas.

Weight Loss Treatment

(Based on two pax sharing a villa)

Losing weight is never easy. Between our busy work schedules, family duties and social commitments, it’s rare to find a minute for ourselves. Let alone the quality time to listen to our body & mind. But here, we invite you to take out time for you.

The first step is for our nutritionist to contact you prior to arrival to discuss your dietary requirements and culinary preferences. We will create personal menus of outstanding food tailored to nourish your body type.

A daily treatment program combining body massages, Udavartan treatments, herbal compresses, body wraps and steam baths will work alongside the culinary journey to produce effects visible both inside and out.

Diet and treatments alone are a short-term solution and when back in the busy day-to-day schedules, it’s easy to revert to bad habits. To ensure the benefits of your stay with us, stay with you, daily yoga and meditation classes will teach you mindfulness. The more we listen to ourselves and understand ourselves, the more likely a positive lasting change to your life, long after you have left the sanctuary of Coco Shambhala.

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