Island Hopping Heritage Tour

Discover the Goa we all yearn for – a sleepy land of whitewashed churches & old Portuguese houses, hidden amongst swaying palms down winding lanes. You will travel through a kaleidoscope of lush monsoon greens in-between historic villages. Old ferryboats will transport across the backwaters of the great Mondovi river to islands untouched by tourism. Life on these islands is unchanged for many generations and this is a rare opportunity to experience the glory of Goa’s past. Your final ferry will bring you to Old Goa where you’ll discover one of the gems in Goa’s crown, St Cajetan Church, a heritage site not yet overrun by tourists. Either head home from here, or do as the locals do at the end of a day and savour a fenny at Josephs bar, a traditional hole in the wall bar in the old Fontainhas.

Pottery Lessons

If you like the hand crafted pottery we serve some of food from, why not have a go at creating stunning glazed pottery yourself? By appointment, our potters Thomas & Sylvia, open up their home and workshop to our guests for a unique insight into the world of a master potter. They welcome all ages to learn the art of crafting handmade pottery – and will guide you through the process before firing your masterpieces in his kiln to produce a wonderful memento or gift for a loved one back home. We would recommend this experience at the beginning of your stay, to allow time for the glazing process to be completed. However, if your only here for a short stay, don’t worry, we will ship your creation to your home after you leave.

Immersive Coastal Cuisine Experience

Gain knowledge of ingredients, authentic cooking techniques and recipes. You will learn how to re-create these dishes for friends & family when you return home from your holiday with us, and savour the flavours of this region all year round. You can assist our chef to the market; buy fresh and fragrant ingredients to suit your palate. Learn how to use these ingredients to cook up a meal that is exclusive to the Konkan coast.

Birds of Goa

The Konkan coast is one of the world’s best birding destinations. Even the casual birder should venture into the forest where you will be amazed by the vast variety you will discover. Our knowledgeable guides will take you into the forest early morning, and use their telephoto lenses to help you spot birds. This quickly allows you to train your binoculars on the birds location. For the experienced birder, our guides will help you to widen your sightings and knowledge of the indigenous birds of Goa.

Couples Spa Day

For that added touch of indulgence during your stay, pamper yourselves with a couples spa day. While you are immersing yourself in the comfort of your luxury villa, be spoilt with a relaxation massage, use the steam room and indulge with a 3 course lunch.

Photo Shoot

With social media showcasing our extraordinary moments to friends and family spread far and wide, allow our photographer to spend an hour taking professional candid shots of you in the stunning surroundings at Coco Shambhala. Our photographer will understand your requirements and produce a minimum of 8 professionally-edited shots for you to remember the experience of staying with us forever.

Magnified Healing

We all experience negative and positive emotions driving the voices which dictates our actions. What if the mind and body work together to uplift you and your decisions? Eventually, when you are able to find an equivocal input or voice, that will only be the time when you’ll realize the true meaning of being calm, happy, joyful and attentive. Magnified healing heals the heart and mind of the body, which then ultimately uplifts the soul. That will be the time when you will create your own oasis of serenity.

Anupama will introduce you to the benefits of Magnified Healing. Through a personalised approach, Anupama combines breath and energy channelling to connect and heal all parts of your being, guiding you toward creation of your own oasis of serenity. This introduction may be a life changing experience and can be extended to create a personalised retreat to benefit your life and those around you.

Weight Loss Treatment

(Based on two pax sharing a villa)

Losing weight is never easy. Between our busy work schedules, family duties and social commitments, it’s rare to find a minute for ourselves. Let alone the quality time to listen to our body & mind. But here, we invite you to take out time for you.

The first step is for our nutritionist to contact you prior to arrival to discuss your dietary requirements and culinary preferences. We will create personal menus of outstanding food tailored to nourish your body type.

A daily treatment program combining body massages, Udavartan treatments, herbal compresses, body wraps and steam baths will work alongside the culinary journey to produce effects visible both inside and out.

Diet and treatments alone are a short-term solution and when back in the busy day-to-day schedules, it’s easy to revert to bad habits. To ensure the benefits of your stay with us, stay with you, daily yoga and meditation classes will teach you mindfulness. The more we listen to ourselves and understand ourselves, the more likely a positive lasting change to your life, long after you have left the sanctuary of Coco Shambhala.

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