Coco Shambhala—a place of peace, happiness and tranquility.Come and experience “Shambhala” with us in the vibrancy of Goa and the innate beauty of Sindhudurg, along the western coast of India. Named amongst the best beach villas in the world by Conde Nast Traveller magazine, our award winning luxury villas are designed to provide you an extraordinary holiday. We welcome all our guests at Coco Shambhala as friends, and like all good friends, we hope you keep returning to create new memories with us in our villas in Goa and Sindhudurg.

Experience Goa

Revitalise with us and discover the real Goa, the romantic one hidden away down sleepy lanes in this diverse tropical paradise. During the magical monsoon season, we will lead you to explore the rich tappestry of Goa through unique heritage journeys through the villages & islands of the Mandovi, weaved together with stories of past glories. Enrich your life with a journey exploring coastal cuisine, or indulge in self exploration and enlightenment with Magnified Healing. Take the memories away with a personalised photo shoot. Take a break with us and give your mind a holiday.....

Experience Sindhudurg

Explore one of the planets most bio-diverse regions with us. Discover natural wonders during the megastic monsoon when this stunning region shows off her beauty. We will guide you through the kaliedascope of tropical greens as you trek to waterfalls, try your hand at the adventure sport of stream trekking, or take a coastal walk. For those who want a holiday for the mind, enjoy a couples Spa day, practise Yoga in the splendor of nature, or immerse yourself in learning coastal cuisine. We look forward to welcoming you for an adventure you will never forget....


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