Chocolate Ganache

Monsoon evening in tropical

Infinity Pool

Magic Hour In Sindhudurg

Villa Amresha1

Villa Amresha

Such Colours


Pungent spices and fresh greens

Yogis on Tour

Hot and sour flavors

Around the western ghats

When you live only to eat

You live only once, Live It Well

When monsoon blooms the garden

Absoloutly stunning

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Monsoon feels!

…our home away from home

There is no better way to spend a monsoon evening in a tropical land than a perfect evening snack, good wine and amusing company

We’re very excited to announce that our May #CocoShambhalaLove winner is @shivaniashoka

It’s summer in India, but this unrelenting heat also means it’s mango season

Join us for an immersive coastal cuisine experience during this monsoon season

Beautiful blue skies, balmy tropical breezes and locations that embrace the soul, that’s what we’re all about.

Can’t think of a caption!

Wish all Sundays were as beautiful as this boat ride on Walawal backwaters.

Weekend is almost here and I am missing Coco Shambala .

A special moment shared by @justnivedita of the beautiful backwaters.

A boat cruise on the serene Walawal backwaters is a must on a Konkan trip.

The Walawal backwaters

A little #CocoShambhalaLove to kick off the week courtesy of @justnivedita.

Good bye Coco Shambala. Will miss the amazing food and first class hospitality. Untill next time… stay fabulous.

Lunch at Coco Shambala is a feast… literally.

Good morning Goa

Thank you to all our wonderful guests that shared their Coco Shambhala moments with us online throughout February.

Wedding jewellery to die for 😍

Magical garland and festoon lighting decoration at @cocoshambhala

A local fishing boat being launched

Our lovely guest @sarahhanlon129 spotted this beautiful white-throated Kingfisher

The beautiful common Kingfisher

prides in its food that has been specially curated

Tickled pink to see this White-throated Kingfisher on Bhogave beach

Beautiful Bhogave beach

So pleased to be back in this beautiful place

Cocktail time 🍸

I’m looking for some #newzealand advice

As stressful as it gets

We’re very excited to announce that our January ‘Moments at Coco Shambhala’

Lovely embrace! 😍