The Shambala Experience

10th January 2017

Ethel da Costa, the woman who dons many roles as a celebrity journalist, an entrepreneur and an influencer, visited Coco Shambhala last month. We’re still gushing over the fabulous review she gave us!

Here are some of the wonderful things she’s said about us and we can’t thank her enough!

Open your eyes and feel with your spirit is the unsung epiphany of Coco Shambhala —  an exquisitely created, curated, hand-crafted romantic, barefoot retreat so hidden from the rest of Goa, and India, that you wonder how did they manage keeping this beauty under wraps for so long. “Eight years precisely,” I’m told by Lumen D’Souza, the charismatic Manager of this tropical, Mediterranean inspired  luxury Villa property retreat, nestled into the lazy hillsides of Nerul, Goa.”

As we blush over the phenomenal adjectives she’s described us with, we can’t help but stand humbled by her take on our spa and our cuisine:

“Hidden within the Coco Shambhala gardens, the Spa is an integral gem of this jewel, and a necessary component of the Shambhala experience.  Partnered with Forest Essentials –another of my favourite Luxurious Ayurveda brand which I launched in Goa in 2016 –the head therapist sorts out my life, literally. Make that twisted back muscles you didn’t even know existed, bearing the burdens of your rush and neglect. Signature treatments for massages, scrubs, facials, firming and toning, detox and body polishes – all products Forest Essentials only ladies and gents –are now also available as Day Packages for local guests who can avail Spa sessions, indulge in a 3 course wine lunch and enjoy the Villa for a day. Ideal for a Ladies Day Out, to-be-Wed couples, a Date-Out or Family Days (book in advance and call 9372267182 / 8554998462) Smart!”

“I advise, when you forget to eat to feed your soul, and instead eat just to get by for the hurried day, hurry to Coco Shambhala.”

“A long lunch awaits. Spread outdoors of your Villa patio, a table full of comfort food and nourishment. Tangy fresh Goan Prawn Curry with kokum, organic local Goan red rice, crumb fried fish, bowls of Sprout Salad with Raw Mango and Goan marinated Chicken Cafreal. My stomach is singing her hosannas…”

And as we bid Ethel an emotional goodbye, she signed off with this:

“Body nourished, spirit rejuvenated and my back spring-boarding to action, it’s a heavy heart and very reluctant feet dragging myself out of this oasis and back to the bustle. A sentiment Team Coco Shambhala are all familiar with, and hence the experience cleverly crafted to make you come back. Which you will, I will, and we must. Again.”

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