Charosa Wines

30th December 2016

We, at Coco Shambhala, have had a proud association with Charosa Wines for the past 2 years now. Charosa Wines took the world of wines by storm, since their inception in 2014. As most of us are aware, Indian wines are yet to create a niche for themselves in the wine industry, to come at par with world wines. And Charosa wines, seem to be getting there, quickly and efficiently.

Charosa Vineyards produce 03 wine labels: Temprenillo, Selections and Pleasures. What we, at Coco Shambhala, enjoy most is the variety within the company in their wines.

The Tempranillo is one of the most refined Indian red wines one will come across. It has a defined structure, wholesome palate feel and a spicy nose and being a gastronomic wine, it can be paired with meats and flavoursome food.

The Charosa Shiraz is a friendly and fun selection; it has a fruity nose and a spicy palate and pairs well with cheese, Indian food and savoury dishes.

Their Sauvignon Blanc is ideal for Indian weather, being light bodied and expressive of tropical fruit aromas and flavours, when chilled. This one is best for day time drinking and balmy evenings.

Coco Shambhala houses all three categories, in red and white wines. The team at Charosa, goes all the way in producing good quality wines—their glass bottles are imported from France and the labels are made with 25% paper and 75% cotton so they don’t come off easy with moisture.

Come and experience the vino world of Charosa with us!

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